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Notice of the Filing of the Application for Permanent Employment Certification

This notice is being provided as a result of the filing of an Application for Permanent Employment Certification (ETA Form 9089). The employer intends to permanently employ a foreign national in the job opportunity described below.

Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer of the U.S. Department of Labor. The address of the Certifying Officer is U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration, Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree Street, Suite 410, Atlanta George 30303, Phone: (404) 893- 0101, Fax: (404) 893-4643

This Notice of Filing will be posted between 30 and 180 days before filing the permanent labor certification application.


EMPLOYER’S NAME: ___Prima Capital Advisors LLC

POSITION TITLE:     _Associate

POSITION DUTIES:    perform real estate and financial due diligence on prospective structured products, including commercial mortgage backed securities, real estate mezzanine loans, and real estate investment trusts. Analyze historical financial data including rent rolls, borrower financial statements and property income statements and prepare cash flow models. Present investment recommendations via written report to the firm’s investment committee. Prepare multi-variate securitization models and credit committee summaries for real estate debt investments using proprietary tools and methodologies. Determine appropriate investment securitization and devise strategies to maximize investor return. Automate investment accounting and reporting using cloud-based software as a service analytics tool. Conduct portfolio credit surveillance and monitor portfolio exposures to facilitate the firm’s risk management functions for institutional client investments. Assist the CFO with accounting and reporting processes including the monthly and quarterly valuation of each of the firm’s clients’ assets. Monitor the financial performance of investment portfolios by reviewing investment portfolio performance, analyzing interest rate and credit spread movements in conjunction with asset pricing sheets and make recommendations for the purchase or sale of investments.

RATE OF PAY:     $105,622 per year

ADDRESS(ES) OF EMPLOYMENT:   2 Overhill Road, Suite 215, Scarsdale, NY 10583


There is no bargaining representative for the job opportunity with the employer in the location(s) of intended employment.

This notice was clearly visible and unobstructed while posted. It was posted for at least ten (10) consecutive business days in a conspicuous location in the workplace, where the employer’s U.S. workers could readily read the posted notice, including but not limited to locations in the immediate vicinity of the wage and hour notices.

DATE POSTED: ___5/18/2020_____________________________

DATE REMOVED: ________________________________

LOCATION(S) WHERE THE NOTICE WAS POSTED: ____________________________________________________________________________


I attest, under penalty of perjury, that the above notice was provided as shown.


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Gregory A. White                DATE
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