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Tim Gallagher is a Managing Director of Prima Capital Advisors LLC (“Prima”).  Tim joined the firm in 2016.  At Prima, Tim is responsible for locating, negotiating and closing, new commercial mortgage investments.  Tim also is responsible for the development and maintenance of client relationships.

Prior to joining Prima, Tim most recently was the Global Head of Macquarie’s Commercial Real Estate Markets Group.  Macquarie is Australia's largest investment banking firm.  Tim began his career at Morgan Stanley, he subsequently moved to Goldman Sachs’ London office as a Managing Director where he ran the firm’s European mortgage origination and distribution business.  Tim then returned to New York and Morgan Stanley where as a Managing Director he headed the firm’s origination, trading, and distribution of all mortgage related products.

Tim has served as the non-executive Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (“CREFC”), the preeminent global commercial mortgage trade association.  Tim serves on the Board of the Center for Real Estate at the Fisher College of Business and also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Counsel at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.  Tim earned his B.S. degree from The Ohio State University.