Gregory White
Steven Copulsky
Nilesh Patel
Julia Tcherkassova
Investment Criteria

Prima Capital Advisors LLC is an investment advisory firm that specializes in high quality commercial mortgage investments, including whole loans, investment grade rated commercial mortgage backed securities, select commercial mortgage 'B' notes, Mezzanine loans and bonds issued by investment grade rated real estate investment trusts.  Prima's funds under management currently total approximately $ 3 billion.  These investments are made on a fully discretionary basis for a number of public and corporate pension funds.  Our clients include:

  • Altria Client Services Inc.
  • AT&T Investment Management Corp.
  • Clarendon National Insurance
  • Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association
  • Indiana Public Retirement System
  • Kentucky Retirement Systems
  • Maine Public Employees Retirement System
  • New York State Teachers Retirement System
  • Ohio Police and Firemens' Pension Fund
  • San Francisco City and County Employees' Retirement System
  • San Joaquin County Employees' Retirement Association
  • Santa Barbara County Employees' Retirement System
  • Seabright Insurance
  • State of New Mexico Educational Retirement Board

Additionally, we manage a non-discretionary commercial mortgage investment management account on behalf of the New York Common Retirement Fund.  Since we began investing for the Fund in 1996, we have invested more than $1 billion in high quality first mortgage loans on their behalf.

Prima originally was formed as Schroder Mortgage Associates in 1992 with Greg White as one of the founding partners.  In 1998 Schroder Mortgage was sold to Conning Asset Management Company and in 2003, Greg and his long time partner, Steven Copulsky, repurchased the business from Conning and its then new parent company, Swiss Reinsurance.  Today the business remains privately owned.  In 2011, an entity affiliated with Stone Point Capital (www.stonepoint.com) acquired a 50% interest in Prima.